"Domain" vs "Business"

I was reading a book about design patterns and found this interesting note:

"Design Note: business Objects in a non-business space

The term Business Object works in a majority of problem spaces we deal with, we have chosen it as the pattern name. However, in some "non-business" problem
domain, the term Business Object might not be well accepted. Some examples of such problem spaces are health care, government organizations, the military, and
charitable organizations, where these organizations do not consider themselves to be in a business. Other examples are for high-tech applications, statistical applications,
mathematical modeling, analytical modeling, etc., where there is no "business".

In such cases, don't use the term business Object. The term Domain Object typically reflects the same concepts documented here as Business Object ."

How much of our software terminology is deeply influenced by the "business world"? I can think also about "business logic", "business layer". I wonder if Richard Stallman had
referred to this before?

To be fair I'm gonna try to use the word "domain" more often.